2013 RIMS Workshop on
Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis
Access and Hotel (Kyoto Univ., Hotel, Banquet restaurant, Bus)
Date: October 9(Wed)--11(Fri), 2013
Place: Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Room-111
Co-Chair: TANAKA, Tamaki (Niigata University)
TAKAHASHI, Wataru (Professor emeritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology)

The movement of the wave, the economic fluctuation, and the diffusion of the living thing, etc. are nonlinear phenomena. Nonlinear Analysis is one of modern analysis to clarify such a nonlinear phenomenon mathematically, and Convex Analysis is one field of the applied mathematics that has grown in connection with the study of convexity in optimization theory and theoretical economics, etc. Several problems concerning nonlinear analysis and convex analysis are actively researched by not only the applied mathematics but also mathematics, physics, engineering, and economics, etc. Recently, though big results on them are obtained theoretically and practically, but a lot of outstanding problems have been highlighted. Therefore, the establishment of mathematical principle and technique for solving them are needed, and also the promotion of young researchers in the fields is required.

In this workshop, it aims to research and to develop the nonlinear phenomenon generated on nonlinear problems in mathematics, engineering, physics, contemporary economics and operations research (OR) from nonlinear and convex analysis standpoints. By eacn enlightenment through presentations of several latest results, we hope research exchanges among researchers in the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, economicss, and OR in order to get new theory and their applications. Moreover, we are expecting this workshop to become a wonderful meeting to get the chance toward joint researches together with some foreign researchers.

The three-day technical program consisted of invited lectures and contributed lectures. Talks related to Nonlinear Analysis and/or Convex Analysis were reported in this workshop.
The deadline of submission of your article for the Proceedings is January 20, 2014 and the maximum of page is 9 around. I am looking forward to receiving all of your submission to the Proceedings of this workshop, and to seeing all of you again near future.

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